Things I've worked on

Seggito - This was my main project and after many attempts after trying to find my own sound, I was finally able to develop a (somewhat) unique style that took from 80s electro, 90s techno / drum and bass,and internet musicians such as Pilotredsun and Whitewoods. I went from being a wannabe Satin Sheets clone to being a Pilotredsun clone lol. Mixing hazy synthesizers with bombastic percussion and chip tune leads and LOTS of bass, I feel like I was actually able to make something that represented me and my interests. I was able to get the atmosphere I wanted with my V.E.E.C and Morning Haze albums.

Circuit State - Minimal Synthpop type project. I had a huge minimal wave phase during quarantine, constantly finding different artists and buying some vinyl. Eventually I kind of found the confidence to record my vocals on a track and even though I haven't released anything yet, I have a full album made and ready to be released. I've held off on it though because I feel like I could get someone who could do the vocals better.

Computer Lullaby - This is just a one off I did when I was bored one time. I heard Skeleton's self titled album and I wanted to do something similar so I furiously went thru youtube and found some random songs and just messed with them till it became something. I did at one point want to make this more than just a one off but now I don't really have the passion for it.