Welcome To My Website!

Hello! I go by the alias Seggito. I'm from Los Angeles, California and I'm a Cuban Mexican American that likes to make art.

I made this website mainly for fun but also the idea of an old school blog has always appealed to me. A YouTuber named brutalmoose inspired me to try to go for that early 2000s feel. It really resonates with me because I would always grow up with technology that was behind the times, like I'd have a PS2 when everyone had an Xbox 360, and I had an Xbox 360 when all of my friends moved to over to Xbox One when it first came out.

I'll post things such as reviews, updates on music, photos, just whatever really. I kind of wanted to get away from the cesspool that is social media mainly because just having that in your face all the time really messes with you.

Hopefully you enjoy looking here!